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Are you looking to secure your stream URL?

Convert your existing HTTP stream URL to HTTPS radio stream URL with ease. Our secure stream URL service allows you to connect our platform with your existing service provider ad make your stream URL HTTPS complaint. Signup to get an HTTPS URL and make your website compliant.

Secure Stream URL Pricing

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Why HTTPS Radio Stream?

Ensure security of the data being shared with your listeners


Unsecured radio websites can be targeted by third parties to install steal sensitive information. An SSL certificate helps ensure security by preventing unauthorized individuals from making changes to your radio stream.

Avoid Warnings

Search engines such as Google have made it clear that they will display a warning message to users visiting a non-HTTPS complaint website. This can have a negative impact on your radio station credibility.

Better Search Engine Ranking

SSL certificate is one of the most crucial factors that search engines such as Google considers while ranking your website in their search engine results. Making your stream URL HTTPS compliant can help you rank better.

Trust Factor

Users consider SSL ad HTTPS as a factor of trust. HTTPS-secured radio streams will be considered safe and secure by the users. Listeners will prefer to share their information only on a secure station website.

Convert your HTTP stream to a secure HTTPS radio stream URL

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Stream Quality

Securely stream your data to listeners across various devices without compromising on quality.


Our team of experts is available round the clock to assist you with any issues or concerns.

Why Choose CastHost?

Easily get an SSL secure HTTPS link for your radio stream.

Easy Process

We let you connect our platform with your existing provider and make your stream URL HTTPS complaint without any difficulty.


We offer services to our clients at an affordable and budget-friendly price range..


We help ensure the security of your radio stream URL by making it an HTTPS complaint.

Make Your Radio Stream URL Secure!
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ShoutCast Server Hosting

ShoutCast Hosting is used for internet radio broadcasting that allows for audio streaming. ShoutCast Hosting can be used by end users or radio stations to bring in audio content for their internet audience. Using simple mp3 technology which is worldwide for their audio delivery, this is an easy format for anyone to use.

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IceCast Server Hosting

In addition, IceCast Server Hosting offers another element for you to host a radio station that suits your needs. Both ShoutCast Hosting and IceCast Hosting are similar, save for the Flash Player that needs to be embedded as IceCast makes this process easier.

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