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Dynamic Audio Streaming and Management

Comprehensive Audio Streaming Platform with Dynamic Management and Creator Insights.

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The app boasts a sophisticated home page for seamless audio streaming and comprehensive details of prior broadcasts, coupled with an informative About page that delves into the biographies and missions of content creators or radio channels. The admin dashboard provides unparalleled control over every facet of the app, facilitating updates to social media integrations, icons, logos, titles, and descriptions, ensuring a dynamic and perpetually current user experience.

Application's Home page

App offers seamless streaming of audio broadcasts from content creators, featuring songs and other content. It provides details about previous tracks, including titles and timestamps, allowing users to easily navigate past broadcasts. Curated playlists enhance the overall listening experience.

About App

Description provided by content creators, detailing their background, mission, and content themes. Users can find insightful information about their favorite creators or radio channels, including their history, goals, and unique features. This page helps users connect more deeply with the creators and understand the context of the content they enjoy.

Data Update on Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard allows complete control over the app's content and appearance. Administrators can update social media links, app icons, station logos, app titles, and descriptions, ensuring all aspects of the app remain dynamic and up-to-date. This intuitive interface simplifies the management of all app-related data, providing flexibility and real-time customization.
Made for iOS & Android
Once your app is developed it will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Brand it your way
Choose your style, add your app icon, and set your colours to create an app that is distinctively yours.
Push notifications & campaigns
Add banners to your app and send your listeners push notifications for truly integrated campaigns.
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This platform is perfect to listen to your favorite audio creator.
Before we can build and distribute your apps, you'll need the following.
Apple Developer Membership
$99 per year. This ensures the app is registered in your name, not ours.
Google Play Developer Membership
One time $25. We provide the app apk for you to upload.