Why Radio Stations Should Use Casthost.net 2

Why Radio Stations Should Use Casthost.net

There are lots of radio stations out there all of whom are striving for relevance more importantly, to be the market leader. The truth is an individual could only listen to one radio station at a time and what would determine the choice of the station to listen to may be enhanced by how accessible the radio frequency is at all times. This is why all top radio stations are creating online radio apps that would allow listeners to stream their contents from anywhere in the world. This feature drives a lot of audience to any radio station that could get it right.

As a radio station, when looking for the perfect partner for your online radio streaming, then you should look no further than Casthost.net. Theirs is the perfect solution for providing a smooth, qualitative and accessible online streaming platform for your radio at a fairly reasonable price. The features of their service include:

  • Top Notch Connection

With Casthost.net, your online radio stream would enjoy the most reliable and qualitative network that is supported by 1Gbps uplink. This would make sure your audience enjoys unhindered streaming services at all times.

  • Perfect Sound Quality

When it comes to radio, it’s all about the quality of the sound. This is why Casthost.net always pays a lot of attention to the quality of sound when designing the online streaming platform for radio stations. With their shoutcast and icecast, you can be absolutely sure of getting the perfect sound you desire.

  • 99% Network Uptime

Network uptime is a major determinant when choosing an online streaming or website hosting service. If the network uptime is not great, then there is no basis for choosing it at all. The good news is, with Casthost.net, you can be sure of over 99% network uptime. Their hardware is safely hosted with top notch data centers in the USA and as such you can be sure there would be no downtime at all.

  • Free Support

With Casthost.net, you can be sure of getting the services of the support centre at all times without any hindrance. Whatever it is you need to know at all, trained professionals are always available to give you satisfactory answers, and all of this comes with no extra charge.

Casthost.net provides the ideal conditions necessary for all radio stations that wish to operate an online streaming service. They have the technical know-how to give you a hitch free service while doing so at an affordable price. Choose Casthost.net today and you will be glad you did.

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