What do I need to stream with ShoutCast and/or IceCast?

Are you asking yourself “what do I need to stream?”. In order to successfully broadcast you need only a few simple things. First is a computer that has Windows, Mac, or a Linux operating system installed. Second is a broadband connection. It is required you have a broadband connection to stream properly without any lag or buffering issues.

What do I need to stream?

what do i need to stream

If you plan on taking your streaming to the next level you could get yourself a mixer and a microphone to add some style and uniqueness to your broadcasts. It would not hurt to have 2 computers if you are going this route. 1 that would handle the music and voice part of the stream and 1 that would handle commercials and sound bytes and such. I would also check out the products over at Spacial.com such as SAM Broadcaster and SAM Vibe. Another free option would be Butt Encoder. This is a very popular basic software that will get you started in just minutes.

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