Using Facebook to Promote Your Stream

Facebook to Promote Your Stream
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Using Facebook to promote your stream is one of the easiest ways to get your stream noticed. Best of all, it is complete free! The trade off for your time and effort is endless.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with 2.37 billion monthly active users starting Q2 2019. By using this outlet to engage with these users you potentially boost your audience dramatically.

Create a Page on Facebook to Promote Your Stream

Your first step in using Facebook to promote your stream is to log in to your personal account, click the small drop down on the right hand side of the top navigation panel with the search bar, select manage pages & click the “+ Create a Page” button. From here you can start your journey to create your very own Facebook page for your stream.

Take some time to customize your Facebook page to match your streams branding. This is the perfect place to strengthen your brands look for the public. Make sure to keep things simple as it must remain easy-to-read, easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell so that users can find and return to your page regularly. Stream details should be readily available without having to search for them such as a link to listen to your stream or your website URL.

Creating Posts For Your Facebook Page

Once you have completed your page, it is time to get creative and let your audience know what you are up to. Remember that quality content can be much more powerful then quantity so make sure you are providing strong content to intrigue the viewers in reading your post. It usually helps to include some catchy images, videos and links as the mixture of visuals and text resonates with a larger group of people. These can be live events that your stream is involved in for example music festivals, community programs, etc. You can also let your audience in on the behind the scenes actions to relate to them at a more personal level.

Use of Hashtags

What is a hashtag? If you have spent any time on any major social network you’ve likely seen posts with “#” symbol followed by one of several words such as #CastHost, #InternetRadio, etc. This makes these text searchable links. They enable users to participate or begin a conversation. Note that the words following these hashtags so not have any spaces.

For the most part you will find some “go-to” hashtags for your brand although we would encourage you to also take some time and look up trending topics as this can potentially bring your posts to more and different users. That being said, make sure those topics are relevant to your brand or it may not have the best effect.


Your end goal is to get your stream out there to gain more listeners. Keep in mind that growing a presence on Facebook can take some time so have fun interacting with your audience and keep your stream roots as that is what your current followers love you for. You may also want to encourage your audience to follow you on Facebook so they can share your stream with their friends and family. This could help speed up the process if you already have a group of core listeners.

Feel free to engage our page and maybe we will repost some of your content in return! We are in this together and we love to partner up with our community.

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