5 Top Reasons Religious Institutions Use Our Service to Stream Online 2

5 Top Reasons Religious Institutions Use Our Service to Stream Online

There is a reason why religions have remained relevant to the human race over time, it is because as humans we need reasons to find hope and to know there is a greater power out there that gives hope and meaning to life fuels our beliefs. This is why religion and faith cannot go extinct no matter how much time passes.

Due to peculiar modern challenges however we are becoming far engrossed in our busy lives to actually make it down to mosques, churches or other religious establishments and since the advent of the radio and television, it has been easier for people to sell things or take their voices and services into homes. In fact, recent trends show how the internet has taken over and revolutionised the broadcasting industry as these day’s we can directly access information from their phones and computers.

Online streaming is a trend that accompanied the development of the internet and has further advanced and changed the manner in which audio and video information is spread all over the world. These day’s religious institutions employ the power of the internet and online live streaming to spread the “word” and keep people’s faith alive. At Casthost, our online streaming services are perfect for religious establishments to get their message out there and all over the world. Here are some reasons why our services are perfect for religious institutions.

Seamless Streaming

In order to achieve the intended aim of streaming your content online, the service would have to be seamless so the audience do not get easily frustrated with the service. Our expert professionals and state of the art facilities are dedicated to giving the best services out there. With fast servers and optimal network, we deliver great quality streaming.

Quality Audio

We assure impeccable quality of the audio streaming on our platform to ensure that the audience get crystal clear audio so nothing is “lost in translation” and information is passed on perfectly. We also offer AutoDJ with our packages.

Website Hosting

We offer website hosting for clients, so the listeners and target audience can access further information on their website. This service includes various ranges of disk storage, varying ranges of bandwidth, sub domains unlimited, Addon domains, MYSQL Database, parked domains, FTP accounts unlimited, cPanel free and more.

Customer friendly service  

Our packages are affordable and designed to meet the basic requirements of our clients that would fit into their budgets. We have dedicated personnel that are ever ready to listen to your complaints or concerns.

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