Shoutcast Ad Revenue - Via Commercials

Shoutcast Revenue Generation Information

How does the revenue generation work?

At the moment Shoutcast requires the station to have a minimum 500 TLH per day.

You run audio ads on your station by playing 2 minute "triggers" in your programming. This trigger tells the SHOUTcast server to play a series of four :30 ads to each of your listeners. You don't have to do anything to schedule or record the audio ads, they're handled automatically on the server. All you have do to is play the trigger when you want to run a commercial break. The minimum number of ad breaks per hour you should trigger is 2. The maximum is 5. You also need to wait 5 minutes between ad breaks (you cannot trigger them back-to-back)

The ads that your listeners hear are streamed directly to them from the SHOUTcast server, and each listener hears separate ads depending on what city or country they are listening in. It's called server-side targeted advertising. The advertisers that you will hear on your station include major brands like Geico, Wallgreens, McDonalds, Honda etc.  The ads come from TargetSpot, the largest and most advanced digital audio ad network.

The revenue generated will be based on your station's audience in monetized countries, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) paid by the advertisers, and fill rate which varies depending on different factors such as targeting, time of week, etc.

There are no middlemen, costs, or hidden fees.

Expected Monthly Revenue Calculation (Example):

100,000 listening hours a month in the US
2 breaks of 2 minutes an hour
4 ads of :30 seconds per break
= 8 ads per hour * 100,000 hours = 800,000 ad impressions available for the month

Example Ad rate (cost per thousand) = $3.00
Example fill rate = 60%
Gross revenue = 800,000 / 1000 * $3.00 * 60% = $1,440.00

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
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