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What We Offer

Internet Radio Broadcasting and Streaming Services

Our starting point is the unlimited bandwidth, Monday to Sunday 9am to 7pm EST live customer service with ticket system during off hours and 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you are on the air and running right from the get-go. There are a number of other reasons why our Shoutcast and icecast server hosting offers you the best quality and included free Web Hosting as well. Make use of our 15-day free trial - This means that you can try out your hosting services without having to pay them a dime.

1 Gbps Connection

Your streams are on top quality networks backed by 1 Gbps uplinks, ensuring your stream never buffers.

99% Network Uptime

Our hardware is hosted in some of the industries best datacenters located in the USA.

Website Hosting

Every stream hosting package comes with a free cPanel hosting solution to host your online website.

Perfect Sound Quality

Our shoutcast and icecast stream services provide the perfect cd quality sound you need.

Centova Control Panel

The best stream hosting control panel comes with every IceCast and ShoutCast streaming account.

Free Support

Customer satisfaction is our number one focus by providing a free support all inquiries are answered.

IceCast and ShoutCast Hosting Pricing

We have different packages to meet your needs.

Try It Out
5 Day Trial
  • 64 Kbps Streaming Bitrate
  • 50 Max Listeners
  • Centova Cast Control Panel
  • Advanced Detailed Reports
  • Upgrade To Pro seamlessly!
  • 3000 MB Bandwidth
Step It Up
  • Bitrate: 64/128/256/320
  • 75 Max Listeners
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Advanced Detailed Reports
  • AutoDJ: 512MB (Free)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Bitrate: 64/128/256/320
  • Unlimited Max Listeners
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Advanced Detailed Reports
  • AutoDJ: 5GB (Free)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Reseller Plans
  • Max Bitrate: Kbps/account
  • Listener Slots: 0 for unlimited
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Max Accounts: 0 for unlimited
  • AutoDJ: Disk Space (GB)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth