Lady Gaga tears up by fan she treated to a makeover

Lady GaGa
Tears up
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Lady Gaga has shared a sad exchange with a fan during an unexpected cosmetics session for her new magnificence line Haus Laboratories.

The Born This Way artist left lover Brandon Galaz staggered when she ventured out from behind a drapery to uncover she would show her cosmetics craftsman, Sarah Tanno, for the session.

The sweet shock, which was caught in a video posted by Allure magazine on Wednesday (25Sep19), left both Brandon and Gaga in tears as he shared a letter he had kept in touch with her about how she motivated him to turn out to his family.

” It’s not how we look that makes us beautiful, right? It’s what we’ve been through and how we survive,” she said in the recording. ” Coming out to your family… not everyone can do that. Way to go.”

In the middle of tears, Gaga included, ” That letter that you wrote, this is why I do what I do.Thank you for sharing that, that’s so vulnerable and so honest and so real. That’s not easy what you did… you just changed a lot of people’s lives, and when they see this, they’ll be less afraid.”

The Applause hitmaker propelled her comprehensive cosmetics line, Haus Laboratories, over the mid year and the range is at present accessible available to be purchased on the web.