Differences between Shoutcast and Icecast 2

Differences between Shoutcast and Icecast

Shoutcast and Icecast are streaming media servers that allow the streaming of media (audio or video) over the internet. Even though both servers are similar in their functions, there are features that distinguish the two. These differences and more will be highlighted in this article.


  • Shoutcast
  • Users’ radio stations or streams are loaded onto the Shoutcast directory (which is more popular) as well as on that of third-party applications Shoutcast streams are found on, these yield extra promotion and better exposure. (The downside to this is however that the directory is quite massive and there is the possibility of your station/streams getting lost in a sea of others).
  • Shoutcast has an easy-to-use and familiar interface.
  • Shoutcast is simple to use, thereby making it suitable for beginners in the world of online streaming.
  • With Shoutcast, station administrators can deny listeners access to streams based on their IP addresses.
  • Icecast
  • Unlike the case with older versions of Shoutcast, Icecast has mount points that allow multiple sources to be simultaneously connected to a single server. This means that one can easily transfer listeners between Auto DJ and live streaming without needing to manually log on/off.
  • Icecast offers users better support for video streaming.
  • Even though Ogg media formats are not so popular, unlike the case with some versions of Shoutcast, all versions of Icecast supports the streaming of this media format.
  • Icecast is an open source software, this means that anyone who wants to can develop an Icecast server.
  • Every ser’s password is protected from streams.


  • Shoutcast
  • Older versions do not have mount points. This means that switching between live streaming and Auto DJ has to be done manually every time.
  • As it is not an open source software, a Shoutcast server cannot be randomly developed.
  • It undergoes frequent updates, a feature that may seem cumbersome to follow for some people.
  • Icecast
  • Icecast has an unpopular directory. This means you have to manually list your stations on third-party directories that could generate even lesser interest than Shoutcast’s. (On the upside, these third-party directories could have lesser station volume, meaning yours can be quickly found).
  • As it is more complex than Shoutcast is, Icecast is not for the use of newcomers to the world of online streaming.
  • Older versions do not give administrators the ability to ban users based on their IP addresses.

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