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320 Kbps Stream Hosting - Plans Pick A Server

320 Kbps stream hosting package is for those who want the perfect sound. This bit rate is most commonly used for streaming on desktops, laptops, mobile devices connected to wifi or broadband connections. This bit rate package is often used to split the bitrate up to provide multiple stream sound qualities on different mount points.

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Dedicated Hardware Smart Servers are dedicated servers whose hardware and resources are 100% allocated to you. Server safety and integrity are reinforced as your critical data is completely separated from other environments.

SuperSmart Turbocharge the LAN to 1000Mbps, create a private local network with Smart Groups, add a firewall for security, double your traffic allocation to 20TB and more for only $20/month.


Multiple Choice of OS Available in a wide range of server configurations. When you order your Smart Server, you can choose between Windows Server or various Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu).

Advanced Networking Smart Servers are ready for multiple server configurations. They benefit from free unlimited local network connectivity, which is ideal for server to server communications.

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